Information about Vulpilist

How it works

Vulpilist is a marketplace specialized in classical menswear and accessories.

You can both buy and sell from all around the world but you need first to create an account.

Our team pre-filters all listed items, ensuring you will only find relevant ones.

You can pay by credit or debit card and payments are securely processed by Stripe.

Sellers can either accept or reject orders from Buyers who will not be charged until the order is accepted.

In case of a Dispute we can intervene and mediate.
Good news: selling on Vulpilist is free and without any commission!

When submitting a listing on Vulpilist, you must fill a form and a written description, all accurately describing the item listed.

The item listed must also be photographed. Your listing should include at least one photography. The pictures must be of good quality and reflect the actual quality of the item as well as possible flaws.

There is no minimum required outside these standards. You are also totally free to set the price you want. Good for you if you achieve to sell an overpriced item displaying only a few information! However you will greatly improve you sale chances if you come close to the market price, write a presensation and give basic measures. See in the sections below how to write your listing and measure your garments.

In order to receive sales payment you need to fill in your bank details (we will transfer them to our payment provider Stripe and not store them). Since Stripe is not available in all countries, you may want to check if yours is available before creating listings so you can receive payments.

You can list how many items you want. However it is not possible to list the same item more than once.

Your item is sold? Congratulations! Do not forget to close your listing after a transaction, or else it will still be visible and available to purchase.

As Vulpilist is a marketplace dedicated to classical menswear and accessories you can only sell corresponding items.

Every listed item will be reviewed by our experts before being either published or rejected.

We may send you some expert advice along the way to improve product description, price or photos. You are totally free to follow them or not.
We may slightly modify your listing title to improve their chances to be found.

Some examples of what CANNOT be sold on Vulpilist:

  • The latest Nike Air.

  • Polyester fabric garments.

  • Fused-sole footwear.

  • Big logo garments such as Ralph Lauren big Pony.

Some examples of what CAN be sold on Vulpilist:

  • All sartorial items from entry-level quality to top notch ones, ready-to-wear or bespoke (from decent quality goodyear-welted shoes to John Lobb; from Suit Supply to Savile Row, etc.).

  • Items without any label or brand but very well made (canvassed garments, hand rolled pocket squares…).

  • Classical menswear accessories (tie bars, cigar case, cufflinks, hats…).

  • Items in poor condition but extraordinary (a 1965 Huntsman jacket which will be worth the repair costs).

Our pre-review however is not a guarantee of authenticity although we do all we can to spot counterfeits items.

Every Seller is responsible for the authenticity of what they sell: if a buyer complains about an alleged counterfeit, we will investigate and take appropriate measures including permanent account ban.


We do not review product descriptions nor photos. You are responsible for their content.
Although we are between gentlemen, please let us know if you notice anything inappropriate.

When creating a listing, you will have to fill in some details about your garment or accessory. Here is a chart of what we mean for each term:

When listing an item, you have to describe the most accurately the item condition:

  • Brand new – the product has not (or very little) been worn, and shows no apparent imperfections.

  • Excellent – the product has little been worn or used. It can show some very discrete signs of use, which can only be noticed upon careful inspection.

  • Good – the product shows some signs of use and/or reached half of its lifespan due to wear.

  • Average – the product shows obvious flaws and/or is beyond the second half of its lifespan due to wear. It can still be worn, however.

  • As it is – the product can hardly be worn in its current condition due to its bad condition. But, once restored, it can potentially last several more years.

You also have to describe the most accurately the item fabrication:

  • Bespoke – a garment or an accessory (suits, gloves, shoes…) made by a craftman for an individual, with a pattern drafted from craft for the customer. A high proportion, if not all of the product is made by hand (buttonholes, linings, canvas construction…). Garments are canvassed.

  • Ready-to-wear – can be fused or canvassed. These items are machine-made, according to a pre-established size. This designation ranges from entry level ready to wear (such as Suit Supply) to the most well-made (such as Attolini, Kiton, Cifonelli ready to wear line). It also includes made-to-measure garments (such as Suit Supply MTM), including those made by hand, (such as Orazio Luciano).

When listing a garment (suit, jacket, coat) you also have to describe the item construction:

  • Canvassed – the inner construction (lapels, chest, side tails) is fully canvassed (stitched canvas).

  • Half canvassed – the lapel construction is canvassed, however the chest and side tails are fused.

  • Fused – lapels, chest, side tails are fused, which means they hold thanks to iron-on.

  • Unstructured – there is no structure whatsoever. This is often the case for soft casual jackets such as Boglioli’s.

Selling on Vulpilist is totally free! There is no hidden cost: you set the price, successfully sell your item and then get the exact amount you have set.

When buying, there is a 15% fee on item prices (delivery charges not included) which enables us to maintain a safe and pleasant marketplace displaying the finest menswear.

Maintaining a qualitative marketplace has a cost!

Here are all the reasons why a commission helps us provide you the best experience
We spend a huge time sorting all listings. All are hand-checked. We also re-write titles when needed to improve visibility and SEO. We take time to give advice on how to set prices, take photos and much more. We are at your service. 
We go further to improve the visibility of your listings as they are regularly displayed on our Social Media and advertized thanks to our Vulpilook drawings.  
All this ensures you will find relevant items and proper buyers to sell to
Also, transactions are 100% secure - payments are held until you receive your order. This costs us around 2% of each transaction. The cost is increased in case of litigation as Vulpilist intervenes. 
Technical upkeep (web hosting, further development to improve the website...) is also an important spending as marketplaces are no ordinary Ecommerce. It enables the website to run smoothly and look better
Finally, attracting new members to your sartorial community needs constant investments in communication.

By making your purchases on Vulpilist you contribute to maintaining the marketplace alive for all the sartorial community. Thank you for your help!

We advise you to take time to write your listings. The more accurate they are, the quicker you will sell your items and the better your ratings will be!

Remember, we review every listing before publication - incomplete ones may be refused.

First, fill in the form, both mandatory and optional.

What is the condition of your item? What is its fabrication? Its construction? Its size? Its lenght?

Second, set a price.

You are totally free to set the price you want.
Setting up a price is not an easy decision, even for experts. You may want to sell your item quickly: in this case you can set a price below the market. Or if you are not in a hurry, take a bet above market price.
To have a idea of market price, look for similar items on Vulpilist or elsewhere on the Internet.

Third, write a description

Take some minimum measures, taken flat (chest armpit to armpit, shoulders, sleeves, trousers waist, trousers lenght, tie width) and add additional ones if you can (cuff width, sleeve length from cuff to armpit, trousers width…).

Describe potential flaws in addition of pictures.

Step into buyers shoes: in his place, what would you like to know about your garment? By whom has it been crafted? Is it a very qualitative ready to wear? An extraordinary bespoke garment?

You could also add sartorial advice about what your garment can be worn with.

Fourth, add a return policy to your written description.

By default, Returns are not accepted by private sellers. Mention if you wish to accept returns anyway (example: "I accept returns").

Professional sellers, who must identify themselves as such in their profile and listings, must however legally grant a 14-days Retractation delay from product reception, within which the Buyer can chose to send back the item with the Seller’s written agreement and if the Return criteria are met.
Read returns policy in the sections below.

Fifth, add accurate, qualitative and relevant pictures.

Try taking them with with natural lighting, ideally with a white background. Avoid backlight. Take close-up shots of potential flaws.
A good quality camera should be use, although most current smartphones shoot very decent photos.

We recommend a 3:2 landscape format. Although you can upload the size you want, including portrait format, your garment will be best displayed with our recommended size: photos are indeed automatically resized and the result risk to disappoint.
The final size of displayed images is 660x440.

Sixth, write your listing title.

It should at least include: garment type, maker, size.

You could also add condition, construction, pattern style, fabric and much more.

Some examples of successful titles:

  • Glen check bespoke Huntsman jacket - size 42

  • Canvassed tweed Zegna jacket - size 36

  • Orange corduroy trousers - W33

  • Polka dots silk Marinella tie

  • Hand rolled cotton pocket square

We may slightly modify your listing title to improve their chances to be found.

Seventh, add shipping fees.

Also, indicate in the written description the nature of the shipping (simple or tracked) so the Buyer can know what service to expect.

You are responsible of the item until it is received by the Buyer so make sure you pick a qualitative package and trustworthy postal services.

Shipping fees on Vulpilist cannot currently vary depending on the Buyer’s country. Hence we advise you to set the following fees, depending on the weight and postal services (simple or tracked):

  • Small accessories fitting in an envelope (tie, pocket square, suspenders, belt...): 6-10€.

  • Jackets, suits, trousers, lightweight coats: 12-20€. 

  • Heavyweight coats: 20-25€.

Done? It is time to post your listing for review.

You carefully reviewed your listing? Perfect. You can now post it! We will quickly review it for publication. If your listing gets rejected you can ask us why.

Remember: you will be able to modify your listing later but for every modification you make we will have to review your listing again, so make sure your original listing is complete.

Important: measures should be taken flat so everyone can deal with similar data.


The following are very important measures, it is strongly advised to indicate them on your listings:

These are optional measures, although it is always good to give maximum information to your buyers:



Congrats! You just learned how to correctly measure your garment thanks to the previous section, "How to correctly measure your garments".

Now, you need to indicate a size when you create your listing. Thankfuly, there is a way to determine your garment size from said measures. This is very easy once you get the trick!

Remember, all measures should be taken flat.

Jackets, coats, and knitwear - how to determine UK size thanks to armpit to armpit distance:

Note: since coats are usually worn above a jacket, we advise to indicate a size below the following correspondence. For example, your coat armpit to armpit measure is 58,4 cm - if it was a jacket, it would be size 44; however, since it is a coat, it is size 42.

This can be more or less depending on the fit (loose or tight) and the thickness of the fabric.

Jackets, coats, trousers - how to determine Lenght:

Lenght is crucial when selling or buying. You don't want to end up having a sleeve so short it's at the middle of your forearm, do you?
Here are the measures to take and a chart to convert them into Lenghts: Short (<1m70), Regular (1m70 to 1m80) or Long (>1m80).

  • Back lenght only apply to jackets. Coats are not concerned since their lenght are irrelevant here.
  • This chart is just a guideline. For example, it doesn't take jacket padding into account, which can alter sleeve lenght. Furthermore, needed lenght will vary according to your morphology: some have more or less long torso, legs or arms.

Trousers - how to determine Waist size:

You just have to measure your trousers width at the waist.
Trousers waist sizes are usually shown as "W+size number". For example: W31.

Shirts - how to determine collar size:

Measure the inside of your shirt collar, convert it to inches. Here is your shirt size!

As the Sartorial Marketplace, Vulpilist uses international sartorial standards which are UK sizes.
Here are conversion charts to translate French, European and North-American sizes to British ones for both jackets and shoes.

  • Armpit to armpit measures are taken flat.
  • Armpit to armpit measures are not applicable to coats as they are larger than jackets of the same size.

Vulpilist offers a simple and secure online payment method with Stripe.

All prices are set in Euros.

Cash payments are not possible.

Since Stripe is not available in all countries, you may want to check if yours is available before creating listings so you can receive payments.

Payment process:

You can buy items on Vulpilist.

Prices displayed on the website are without delivery fee and Vulpilist fee until you place an order.
The cost will then be: price set by Seller + 15% Vulpilist fee + delivery fee, if hand delivery is not chosen.

When a Buyer orders an item, funds are not immediatly processed. The Seller must accept or reject the order within 3 days. If he rejects it or does not reply within those 3 days, the order is automatically cancelled and the Buyer's funds are automatically refunded.

When the transaction is confirmed by the Seller, the payment is taken from the Buyer's account and securely held by our payment system Stripe for 14 days from confirmation of transaction by the Seller. 

The Seller will not get his payment (and Vulpilist its fee) until the Buyer marks his order as completed in his account page, which has to be done only when the item is received and everything is OK. If something is wrong about it, the Buyer should ask for a Dispute from his account (see Litigation between buyers and sellers in the FAQ below). 

If the Buyer does not complete the order and if no Dispute is created, both within those 14 days, then the payment is automatically processed by Stripe at the end of those 14 days:

In case of the Buyer validation of the order or the Buyer not doing anything within these 14 days, the Seller will receive his payment (price + delivery fee) and Vulpilist its fee.

If there is an issue with the transaction (delivery, product condition...) you can issue a Dispute - please see the "Litigation between buyers and sellers" section on this page.

Disputes halt the transaction they are about for 90 days, which gives you all time to solve the issue with the other party. Remember, we can mediate a Dispute if you ask us to.

Receive Payments:

In order to receive payments and as a security measure, Sellers must first fill in their bank details in their account page as well as recent documents proving their identity. If the address given when you subscribed differs from the one on your ID, Stripe will require a document proving your address (an electricity invoice for example)As this process is automatically done by Stripe with an algorithm we advise to provide documents which are clear and easily readable.

We will not keep those details which will be transfered to Stripe which will perform the verification. This process enables Vulpilist to be as safe as possible for everyone.

Note that Buyers will not be able to purchase yours items until your information are verified by Stripe. Until then your payments will be held.

After a transaction the funds will be transfered to your bank account 7 days after the order is marked as completed by the buyer.

Sellers and Buyers can rate each others on Vulpilist with "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" as well as a written evaluation. 

Both may be about the accuracy of the listing, the shipping package and delay, the communication with the other party…

Reviews are visible to everyone on each user's profile page. A seller's rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) is also shown on each listing page.

Being polite and respectful, items described accurately, taking care of the package and much more: this will bring you high ratings and flattering comments, building up your Vulpilist reputation. Bear in mind that trustworthy profiles have much higher sales chances!

Please note that ratings can only concern the associated transaction.


We do not review rating comments. You are responsible for them.
Although we are between gentlemen, please let us know if you notice anything inappropriate.

Once you item is sold, you must send the item to the Buyer’s address within 3 days from order validation or quickly set up a meeting if the Buyer chooses hand delivery.

You are responsible of the item until it is received by the Buyer, either Pickup or Parcel delivery. In case of the latter, make sure you pick a qualitative and durable package as well as trustworthy postal services. Also, indicate in the written description the nature of the shipping (simple or tracked).
Tracked parcels are perfect for valuables. In addition, tracking number can be useful in case of a problem since you will have a proof of the shipment.

Shipping fees on Vulpilist cannot currently vary depending on the Buyer’s country.

Hence we advise you to set the following fees, depending on the weight and postal services (simple or tracked):

  • Small accessories fitting in an envelope (tie, pocket square, suspenders, belt...): 6-10€.

  • Jackets, suits, trousers, lightweight coats: 15-20€. 

  • Heavyweight coats: 20-30€.

If someone placed an order in your item but the country he lives in is too far away for the shipping fee you set, you can cancel the transaction. You may also agree with the Buyer to create another listing with higher shipping fee matching the destination. Bear in mind we will have to review your new listing as well.

Example: I live in France and I sell an item with a 10€ shipping fee. A Buyer from the USA is interested but 10€ will not cover the cost of the shipping. I agree with him through the Vulpilist message system to sell him the item but first to create a new listing with a higher shipping fee. I delete my current listing and create the same one with 20€ shipping fee instead of 10€. The Buyer from the USA can now place his order.


If the item is lost or damaged by the postal services before the delivery, the Buyer should be refunded. 

If the item has been marked as successfully delivered (as indicated by tracking number) and is lost after that, no refund will be possible.


Returns and refunds will not be possible if:

  • The item has been worn or washed,
  • Returns are not accepted and you return anyway, without any agreement
  • Returns are accepted, but you do not notify the Seller before the return and wait for him to send you the Return address,
  • You do not ask for a return in time: within 3 days after item reception for individuals, within 14 days after item reception for professionals.

In the event you are not able to return your order, don't panic! You can easily sell it back on Vulpilist: just create a new listing, it will take 10 minutes.
We will be glad to assist ;-)

How to initiate a Return:

You can ask for a return of a specific item by creating a litigation about the said order in you account page.

There are three cases:

  • Individuals who do not accept returns (all listings by default, unless stated otherwise),
  • Individuals who accept returns,
  • Professionnals who must accept returns by law.

1. Individuals Sellers who do not accept returns

At Vulpilist, listings posted by Individual Sellers do not accept returns by default.
This means you cannot return your purchase so make sure you carefully read descriptions and ask questions to the Seller if needed. 

We also advise Sellers to write descriptions as accurately as possible to avoid potential issues.

2. Individuals Sellers who accept returns

If an Individual Seller specifically states it in his listing, then returns are accepted
. In this case:

  • Once you receive the item and wish to send it back, whatever the reason is, you must contact the Seller and ask for a return within 3 days from item reception (proven by tracking number).
  • The Seller will send you the return address within 2 days.
  • You then have 3 business days from the sending of the address by the Seller to send back the item.

3. Professionnal Sellers who must accept returns

Returns are mandatorily accepted if the Seller is professional. In this case, the Seller must specifically state that he is a professionnal and that he accepts returns in the written product description:

“As a Professional Seller, we accept returns according to the following conditions -

In this case:

  • Once you receive the item and wish to send it back, whatever the reason is, you must contact the Seller and ask for a return within 14 days from item reception (proven by tracking number).
  • The Seller will send you the return address within 2 days.
  • You then have 3 business days from the sending of the address by the Seller to send back the item.

Returns are always at your own expense if you and the Seller do not agree otherwise.

If you handle the return, you are responsible of the item until it is received by the Seller (proven by tracking number if you choose a tracked parcel) so make sure you pack it well and pick a trustworthy postal service.

If you wish to return an item because it is significantly not as described, please see our "Ligitation between buyers and sellers" section on this page.

Refunds, partial or total, cannot be done by the Sellers. Only Vulpilist can.

After a return or agreement between both parties, a refund may be carried out. In this case, we invite the Buyer and Seller to contact us so we can manually issue the refund.

When a refund is made, the Buyer will receive his original payment without the Vulpilist fee which corresponds to the service we provide, specifically the protection of both you and the other party involved in the transaction.

If invited to do so by you or the other party, we will investigate in case of a Dispute and state whether the Dispute has a reason to be and hence if a return or refund, total or partial, is possible.

How to create a Dispute

Buyers and Sellers can halt their transaction at any moment by creating a Dispute about a specific transaction. You can create a Dispute in your account page.

What should you do in case of a Dispute

You should always try to come to an agreement first. To do so, remain calm, explain the issue and in most cases it will solve itself.

What Vulpilist will do in case of a Dispute

We will not intervene in the Dispute unless specifically invited to do so by one or both of the parties.

We mediate and do not have any coercitive power: we will do all we can to make sure the Dispute goes smoothly and both parties come to an agreement - we are between gentlemen, after all.

Until then or for a maximum of 90 days from the creation of the Dispute, the transaction is completely halted and the transaction funds (included our commission) are securely kept by our payment provider Stripe.

When to create a Dispute

You can trigger a Dispute either:

  • As a Buyer to ask for a return.
  • As a Buyer or Seller if you have any issue with each other (item, delivery...).
Any repeated Dispute abuse by an account may result in its temporary or definitive ban.

Please not that both Sellers and Buyers have 14 days from order validation by the Seller to ask for a Dispute. After 14 days and if the order is not marked as completed by the Buyer or if no litigation is created, the payment if definitely transfered to the Seller.

Examples of rightful reasons to trigger a Dispute:

  • As a Seller, if you expect an item from a Seller and there is an issue with the delivery.
  • As a Buyer, if you bought from an individual and returns are not accepted, you receive a product that is significantly not as described.
  • As a Buyer, if you bought from an individual and returns are accepted, the item is as described but you do not wish to keep it, whatever the reason is.
  • As a Buyer, if you bought from a professionnal, the item is as described but you do not wish to keep it, whatever the reason is.
  • As a Seller, if you expect a return from a Buyer and there is an issue with the delivery.

We wish to keep our platform safe and pleasant.
Illegal contents and inappropriate behaviours will result in temporary or permanent account deactivation.
As an individual, tax administration from your country may require you send them details about your revenues and sales on Vulpilist.

To do so, you can find a list of your transactions in your Account (Settings > Transactions).

Here are the French legal obligations: