Bespoke John Lobb Paris Black Suede Monkstrap - Size 9UK LIKE NEW

John Lobb is a giant in the world of shoemaking. In 1851 a young man from Cornwall named John Lobb went to London to become an apprentice bootmaker. Later on, after he journeyed through Australia during the Gold Rush, he became a sensation by creating a bespoke boot for the Prince of Wales, without ever meeting him (he only saw a print of the Prince's feet in the mud).
In 1863, he was the official bootmaker for the Prince, and founded his shop on Regent Street in 1866.

Three years later, he opened a second shop in Paris. From the late 19th century to the 1970's, the name John Lobb was already a legend. Shoes from the bespoke shoemaker were worn by the Royal Family (Prince Charles is a regular customers since the 1960's), head of states, Hollywood stars and singers like Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra, and other celebrities like Jacky Kennedy and Aristote Onassis.
When ready-to-wear became the norm, the company struggled and decided to sell parts of its operation to the Hermès group. In 1976, Hermès acquired the Parisian shop and the global licensing rights for John Lobb, except for the bespoke shop in London (John Lobb Ltd. Bootmaker, on 9 St James Street, still owned by the family and now run by Jonathan Lobb and his brothers, the fifth-generation of Lobb).

In 1982, the first ready-to-wear collection of John Lobb Paris was born, with classic models such as the Lopez Loafer, the City II Oxford, the William Double-Monk, and countless more. The Parisian bespoke shop, 32 Rue Mogador, continues to produce perhaps the best bespoke shoes in the world, entirely handmade, with the best leather.

I'm proposing a beautiful bespoke model from John Lobb Paris. It is a black suede Monkstrap with a silver buckle. The buckle is placed very high, creating the look of a whole-cut. The shoe itself has a curve, that follows exactly the shape of the foot, creating a very sharp silhouette, without going too far.

Made less than three years ago, according to the individual serial number, it is in excellent condition and has barely been worn. You can still see the iconic LOBB stamp on both the soles and heels.

It works very well with a business suit for a sunny day (I highly recommend a light grey or a prince of wales glen check, or a navy blue pinstripes), as well as more casual looks with a navy blazer, and white linen trousers during the summer.

A bespoke pair by John Lobb Paris starts at 7800 euros, without the 800 euros bespoke shoe trees. The waiting time is between 6 months and a year for a pair.

The size is approximately a 9UK/43EU. Check the measurements below to be sure it fits you:

Length left shoe: 30,8cm
Length right shoe: 30,7cm

Width left shoe: 10,3cm
Width right shoe: 11cm

The quality is equivalent to the following bespoke houses:
- In England: John Lobb Ltd Bootmaker, Nikolaus Tuczek, George Cleverley, Henri Maxwell, Foster & Son - In Italy: Gatto, Stefano Bemer
- In France: Aubercy Bespoke, Corthay Bespoke, Dimitri Gomez (Crockett & Jones Bespoke), Philippe Atienza, Stephane Jimenez,
- In Japan: Yohei Fukuda, Tye Shoemaker

If you have questions regarding the shoes, don't hesitate to ask.

Footwear size - UK: 9.0
Condition: As new
Fabrication : Bespoke