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To continue using Vulpilist, update your delivery information.

Update delivery details
August 1°, 2023

Automatic shipping service:

From now on, no need to indicate the shipping price when creating an item, our service will automatically generate a shipping label. If we cannot find a carrier automatically, you can still use the custom shipping option. You can now change your shipping method from "custom" to "shipping".

For the time being, we recommend sellers outside of France to keep the "custom" shipping option and we will keep you informed of any changes in this regard. If you wish to switch all your items to automatic shipping, we can do it for you; just send us an email at contact@vulpilist.com.

To learn more about it
  • Confirmation button to accept/reject an offer, a purchase request, and to confirm the delivery of an item.
  • You now have in "custom" mode all the necessary information to send your package (phone number and email address of your buyer)
  • It is now possible to easily change the price and shipping method in the conversation


We added a translation feature to the site. You can now translate any text on the site by clicking on the flag icon in the top right corner of the page. If you find any translation errors, please let us know at contact@vulpilist.com.


Commission for watches drops from 15% to 6%.

May 23, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • Persistent notifications on the profile.
  • Grayed out purchase request when in a discussion page.
  • "Already sold" message not appearing on the mobile site.

Some of the Upcoming improvements:

  • Ability to send photos in private messages.
  • Ability to add multiple photos at once to a listing.
  • Consolidation of different transaction steps into a single window.
  • Offer simulation window integrated into the negotiation window.
  • Many more …