Vulpilist team and philosophy

Our team and philosophy
Vulpilist founders Romée (left) and Maxime (right) wearing thrifed outfits.
Passionate about selling menswear. We are too!

As sartorial aficionados and compulsive second-hand buyers we wanted to share our passion for thrifting, craftmanship and timeless elegance.

How can we help sartorial enthusiasts to both buy and sell qualitative and distinctive garments, we wondered? The answer seemed obvious: by creating a marketplace.

We had quite a few ideas and we simply ended designing the platform we would have wanted for ourselves!

First, we imagined a place where items could be sorted by specific sartorial criteria. We then set up what we would have wanted on a regular marketplace. Want to find a size 38 canvassed ready-to-wear suit? Yes sir. A pair of size 9.5 bespoke oxfords? Of course. A paisley tie or a pocket square printed with animals? Right away.

But what would be the point to enable a sorting so accurate if anything could be sold? That's why we pre-filter every listing and only allow those matching classic menswear aesthetic. Sorry, Guess T-shirts and Diesel jeans.

Lastly, we wanted a reliable place to trade. We got a secure payment system. And if anything goes wrong we intervene and arbitrate. But we are between gentlemen, aren't we?

As a result, Vulpilist is the place to find and purchase deadstock or second hand classical menswear attire. Goodbye painful thrifting, hello sartorial grailfinds!

It is also the place to find a new owner for your beloved garments and sell them at the price they deserve.

Be as cunning as a fox with Vulpilist. Join now our community of gentlemen!

Have a look at our FAQ and our blog to get you started and email us if you have any question. We will be glad to assist.

We wish you a pleasant visit,

About the founders Maxime and Romée

About the founders Maxime and Romée

For Maxime and Romée, thrifting classical menswear is of course the thrill of the hunt but also mostly a state of mind: it is all about the shine of the patina, the feel of a vintage tweed, the joy to repair a jacket older than you and keep it another 20 years. In one word, to find garments with a soul.

They wanted to share their vision with Vulpilist in hope of helping their guests to build a unique and distinctive wardrobe.

Romée is a cartoonist who has been drawing sartorial silhouettes for prestigious makers and boutiques such as Mes Chaussettes Rouges, Zampa di Gallina, Calabrese, Exquisite Trimmings and for Parisian tailor Cifonelli. He also entertains gentlemen with weekly drawings on his blog Croquis Sartoriaux.

Maxime already pursued his interest in foxes and thrifting by creating Le Vestiaire du Renard, an online boutique selling second-hand classical menswear and accessories all sourced by himself, such as fine ready-to-wear, distinctive ties and incredible bespoke garments crafted by renowned tailors. Le Vestiaire du Renard was active between 2015 and early 2020.