Vulpilist team and philosophy

Our team and philosophy

Les Damoiseaux

Driven by our desire to pass on and share, and concerned about the style of today's men, we are a young and bold team whose slogan is The return of the classical man.

That's why since 2020 we've been using our knowledge and expertise to guide men willing to dress well and better. Through Les Damoiseaux, our team has established itself as a forerunner in the extension of classic and sartorial styles in France. This desire inspires, engages and unites.

Our passion for men's fashion combined with the desire to offer any man the possibility of owning high quality clothing resulted in the launch of a unique model of French collar shirt made by us in 2021.

This is why perpetuating the culture of beauty and guiding men towards a more refined style at a better cost becomes our priority.

Eager to help each other and to share a common path, Les Dénicheurs was created. It can be translated to the bargain hunters. Every day, Les Dénicheurs brings a selection of the best pre-owned classical style items to make your search for quality goods at a better cost easy and enjoyable.


As a genuine sartorial marketplace specializing in classical style, the online platform Vulpilist is the logical continuation of Les Dénicheurs.

Recognizing the complexity of the quest for classic clothing, the Vulpilist platform offers you several options. It allows you to find an infinite number of quality, classically styled pieces and accessories in a single, reliable and integrated space, but it also gives you the opportunity to find a buyer who is eager to give new life to the clothes sitting in your closet.

Have a look at our FAQ and our blog to get you started and email us if you have any question. We will be glad to assist.

We would like to welcome you among us,
The Vulpilist team.

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